5 Back-to-School Event Ideas

For kids on summer vacation, the first day of the new school year is closing in. Although most are probably reluctant to head back to the classroom, returning to school doesn’t have to be a dull experience. Back-to-school events can help students and parents alike have fun and get to know new classmates and teachers.

For schools that want to organize an event (or several) to make the first weeks of the new year more exciting, now is the time to being planning. There are various types of gatherings that can bring students, parents and teachers together. Consider the following five kinds of events that can help everyone start the year off right.

1. Potluck dinner. 

A potluck is a great way to get everyone together during the first few weeks of school, according to PTO Today. It’s inexpensive and easy to organize, and you can even combine it with other events like meet-the-teacher night. Additionally, holding a door prize drawing or raffle can encourage parents and kids to participate.   

2. Back-to-school festival/fair. 

The weather at the end of summer is ideal for a festival or fair. PTO Today advises adjusting the scale of your event to fit your community and help make the start of the school year fun for kids by offering activities like arts and crafts and face painting. If it’s hot out, be sure to set up tents so attendees can stay cool in the shade.

3. Pastries for parents. 

Lots of schools like to hold Pastries for Parents days during the first weeks of the school year, according to Education World. These events might have names like “Muffins for Moms” or “Doughnuts for Dads” and give students a chance to show their parents their classrooms. You can even combine these types of events with a student performance.

4. Welcome breakfast. 

Hosting a breakfast event is an easy, low-cost way for schools to welcome new students and parents and let them spend quality time together during the school day, according to PTO Today. If a lot of parents can’t make it to breakfast during the week because of work, you can also organize a weekend event.

5. Barbecue. 

A back-to-school barbecue gives parents, teachers and students a chance to mingle and make introductions. Parents and administrative staff can help with the planning, according to Eventbrite. There are plenty of options for food depending on your budget, whether you want to bring in a few food trucks or have a local restaurant handle it.   

No matter what type of back-to-school event you choose, custom event passes can enhance the experience for everyone. High-quality event passes with your mascot and colors can help foster school spirit, and including attendees’ names can make introductions easier for new students and parents. Security features like barcodes and variable names and photos can also help ensure that your event stays secure and safe.   

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