4 Reasons Your Swim Team Needs Event Passes

Years ago, some of Event Passes owner Tom Doyle’s children were involved in the sport of swimming at their local high school. Seeing a need for swim team members to track their progress and set goals, Tom created USA Swimming Time Standard cards. The cards served as a convenient reference for swimmers while they were at the pool and quickly became popular.

That was the start of Bag Tags, the parent company of Event Passes. There’s a good reason why the company has its roots in competitive swimming. Aside from serving as convenient reference cards for time standards, event passes can benefit swim teams in a number of ways, from boosting team spirit to serving as keepsakes. Here are some of the reasons why your swim team should consider using custom event badges.

1. Unite your team. 

Creating custom event passes with your team’s logo and colors can help create a sense of unity and strengthen team spirit. Additionally, team members can show their pride and enthusiasm for the sport by wearing their passes/badges outside of events and competitions as well.    

2. Make it easy for family and friends to attend events. 

Event badges can not only serve as useful accessories for members of your team but can also act as all-event passes for family members, friends, and other fans of your swim team who want to attend all of your competitions.

A durable event pass with a unique design that reflects your team’s colors and mascot or logo can provide a convenient way for your team’s fans to attend your events without making multiple ticket purchases. It’s also a great way for supporters to show that they’re rooting for you.         

3. Keep competitions secure. 

Passes can include security features to ensure that no one sneaks into events and athletes and attendees alike stay safe. Event passes can include identifying information such as people’s names and photos so that it’s easy for organizers to spot anyone who isn’t who they claim to be or who doesn’t belong in a restricted area.

Other useful security options include credential barcoding (which makes it so event badges can’t be replicated) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. RFID cards and readers provide a quick, easy way to ensure people don’t access off-limits areas.     

4. Provide keepsakes. 

Custom event passes can serve as souvenirs for athletes and fans alike, reminding them of the excitement of a significant competition. If the passes feature an eye-catching, colorful design, people might choose to display them to show off their aquatic accomplishments/devotion to the sport of swimming.

Overall, competitive swimmers can benefit in numerous ways by using unique event passes. Custom badges can help keep sporting events safe and secure, in addition to reinforcing team spirit and providing athletes and fans with aesthetically appealing keepsakes after the competition is over.

If you’re interested in ordering custom event passes for your swim team or swimming competition, Event Passes can help you create high-quality, one-of-a-kind badges. For more information, contact us today at 847-424-1900 or orders@eventpasses.com.