How to Host a Winning Winter Event

Although the weather might not be ideal for venturing outside, there are still plenty of reasons for people to get together and celebrate during the winter. Aside from commemorating the holidays, hosting a winter event is a great way to add a bit of excitement to the dark and cold days.

If you’re planning a winter get-together, it helps to tailor your event planning process to fit the season (e.g., taking a potential blizzard into account). Here are a few recommendations to help you host an unforgettable gathering that captures the spirit of the season.                            

Pick a unique winter theme.

There are tons of winter-related concepts you can use to turn your event into a celebration of the season, according to BG Events and Catering. For example, you could invite your guests to a “winter wonderland” and evoke a snowy landscape with white decorations and flowers. Or you could go with a fire and ice theme and serve a mix of cold and hot/spicy appetizers. A unique theme that reflects winter can help make your event memorable and fun for attendees. 

Ensure your venue is appropriate for winter weather. 

When you’re deciding on the location for your winter wonderland or ski resort-themed party, make sure ice and snow won’t stop your guests from attending. It’s crucial to ensure the venue you select has the equipment needed to stay accessible even in the event of a heavy snowfall or ice storm, according to The Balance. Don’t let the season you’re celebrating thwart your plans.  

Keep your guests warm.

In addition to making sure the winter weather doesn’t stop attendees from getting to the venue, you’ll also want to take steps to help everyone warm up once they get there. Your guests will probably appreciate hot drinks (e.g., hot chocolate and hot toddies), and it’s also good to make sure your venue has adequate heating.      

Offer the opportunity to give back. 

The holiday season fosters a spirit of giving and generosity, so a winter event provides a great opportunity to ask people to help the less fortunate with a charitable donation. If you’d like to focus primarily on giving back, you can even plan and promote it as a charity event.    

Order custom event passes. 

Customized event badges with an eye-catching design that matches your theme will make your winter bash memorable and serve as a keepsake for your guests. They can also serve other useful purposes, such as ensuring security and distinguishing VIP guests.

With thoughtful planning, your winter event is sure to be a hit. If you’d like to order custom event passes, our team can work with you to create high-quality, unique badges for your guests. Contact us today by calling 847-424-1900 or emailing