5 Brand Building Tips for Small Businesses

When you go to the grocery store, how do you decide which type of spaghetti sauce or yogurt to buy? Chances are you have some favorite brands you prefer to purchase. Branding is part of a company’s marketing strategy and differentiates a product or service from its competitors, according to the Houston Chronicle. Fine-tuned branding efforts can help an organization make the most of limited promotional resources, making it especially useful for small businesses.

Additionally, brand building can have a considerable impact on your success in the marketplace by creating emotional connections with consumers and potentially establishing lifelong relationships, according to the Chronicle.

With the right approach, branding can become an effective way to attract new customers, maintain a strong connection with current buyers, and achieve business objectives. If you run a small business and you’re looking to establish your brand, consider the following five tips.


1. Define your brand. 

Before you start building your brand, it’s essential to understand what it actually is. Your company’s brand encompasses not only your logo and other visual aspects but also what you do, how you accomplish it, and the interactions you have with customers, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. You’ll need to consider all of these elements and decide what sort of “personality” you want to convey to consumers.

2. Know your audience. 

You’ll have more success creating connections with customers if you have a specific idea of who you’re targeting. Consider factors like their age, where they live, and what their hobbies are. Think about how your product or service can fulfill their needs, and how you can communicate that to them with your branding and other marketing efforts.           

3. Focus on what makes you unique. 

Consumers typically face a wide range of choices when they’re deciding on which company to turn to for a product or service. Strong branding requires communicating what makes you stand out from others in your industry, according to the SBA. Your marketing messages should convey what differentiates you and what you have to offer that others don’t.

4. Let your customers get to know the face behind the brand. 

For organizations looking to create lasting connections, it helps to let customers meet the business owner and employees personally. Hosting an event is one way to get to know current and potential clients face-to-face. Custom event passes with your company’s logo can also enhance your branding efforts. 

5. Keep it simple. 

The most successful brands offer an uncomplicated customer experience, according to the Harvard Business Review article “Why Simple Brands Win.” You should aim to fulfill your target consumers’ needs quickly and with as little hassle as possible, just like Google makes it easy to get answers to your questions and Netflix offers instant access to movies and TV shows.

Ultimately, carrying out the right branding strategy can make a big difference for a small business looking to gain a foothold in a competitive industry. If you’d like to order customized event badges for an event to promote your brand, our team can create unique high-quality passes to help make your company memorable. Contact us by calling 847-424-1900 or emailing orders@eventpasses.com.