4 Ways to Participate in Make a Difference Day

In November, we all get a chance to reflect and express gratitude for everything that we’re grateful for in our lives. About a month before we gather to give thanks, though, there’s a day dedicated to giving back: Make a Difference Day.

As one of the biggest annual single days of service held in the U.S., Make a Difference Day has inspired volunteers nationwide to act to improve other people’s lives for 25 years now. It always falls on the fourth Saturday of October (which is the 22nd this year) and is made possible by a partnership between TEGNA Inc., the Arby’s Foundation, and Points of Light.


“No matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone has the power to do something that improves the life of another,” the Make a Difference Day website mission statement declares. The website for the annual event provides resources and information on how to participate, whether you want to join an existing volunteer project or organize one of your own. If you’d like to spearhead your own project, the site offers a few ideas for giving back to your community.   

1. Food drive. 

Collecting food to donate to a local homeless shelter and/or food bank is one way to help improve the lives of others in your town or city.  

2. Clothing drive. 

Another way to make a difference for other people in your community is organizing an event to gather clothing to donate to those in need. 

3. Clean up your community. 

You can make your city a better place to live by gathering a group to pick up litter, planting new trees in public parks, and/or hosting a recycling event to promote saving the environment.

4. Organize a 5K.

Hosting a 5K walk or run to raise money for a good cause (e.g., a particular charity or victims of a natural disaster) is ideal if you want to promote fitness in addition to helping those in need.

No matter what type of project you decide to pursue, the Make A Difference Day site recommends promoting it using social media platforms and by reaching out to local media outlets to ensure a good turnout.

Additionally, consider ordering custom event passes for your group of volunteers. Unique badges with an eye-catching design will not only reinforce your volunteers’ sense of unity but also serve as souvenirs and reminders to take part in Make A Difference Day again next year.
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