5 Reasons Event Passes and Football Go Together

Super Bowl 50 is mere days away, and football fans everywhere – particularly people who will attend the game in person – are assembling the materials they’ll need on Sunday. The football game attendee’s arsenal might include a jersey, face paint, and possibly one of those giant foam fingers.

One other accessory that can enhance the experience of attending a football game is an event pass. High-quality custom event badges can serve a number of purposes for sports fans and game organizers – from reinforcing team spirit to ensuring attendees stay safe and secure. Here are five reasons why football and event passes are a winning combination.       

1. All-event/season passes make it easy for fans to attend multiple games. 

For dedicated fans who want to attend all of their favorite team’s home games, custom event passes can act as season tickets that give purchasers access to all of those games at a discounted rate. A high-quality, durable event pass with a custom design featuring the team’s colors and mascot/logo can serve as a ticket and as a way for pass holders to showcase their devotion to the team.   

2. Event passes can boost team spirit. 

Custom event badges sporting your team’s colors and logo can not only serve as a ticket into the stadium but also enhance the sense of unity with other fans. An effective custom event pass design will help fans instantly recognize each other.           

3. Event badges distinguish between different types of attendees. 

You can create unique event passes for certain types of attendees (e.g., members of the press) so that you can easily recognize who’s authorized to be in restricted areas.

It’s a good idea to design custom press passes for members of the media, who will likely have special access to players and coaches for interviews and behind-the-scenes reporting. Issuing a new press pass every year can help event organizers quickly spot fake passes and stop unauthorized people from getting into restricted areas. 

4. Passes with security features keep attendees safe. 

Event passes for football games can include security features to make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to sneak in. For instance, credential barcoding ensures passes can’t be replicated. Variable photos are another option that will let you make sure people are who they claim to be.

Additionally, including names, organizations, and other identifying personal information on the cards can help event organizers spot people who aren’t supposed to be there. Event passes can also incorporate radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to enhance event security.                    

5. Custom event passes make great souvenirs. 

After the game/season is over, event badges can become keepsakes for football fans, serving as a reminder of the good times they had watching their team play. They might even want to display their old event passes to show off their status as devoted fans.

Overall, custom event passes can enhance the experience football fans get when they attend a game. Not only do unique event badges serve as visually appealing souvenirs, but they can also strengthen security measures, emphasize team spirit, and more.

If you’d like to order event passes for a football game or another sporting event, the Event Passes team can help you design and create high-quality customized badges. Contact us today by calling 847-424-1900 or by emailing orders@eventpasses.com.