4 Ways Custom Event Passes Can Benefit Your Book Festival

October is a time when people dig sweaters out of their closets, head to coffee shops in pursuit of pumpkin-flavored treats, and start contemplating their plans for the upcoming holidays. It’s also a prime time to stock up on reading material for the cold months ahead.

Book lovers have plenty to celebrate this month. Today, Oct. 1, kicks off Pizza Hut’s annual Book it! program, which runs through March every school year and encourages kids to read with praise and pizza. Additionally, October is both National Book Month and National Reading Group Month.

With everyone focused on reading, it’s no surprise that plenty of book fairs and festivals will take place across the country this month, from LitQuake in San Francisco to the Boston Book Festival. If you’re hosting or organizing a book fair, custom event passes can enhance the experience for both you and your attendees in various ways – from serving as a convenient way to identify VIPs to providing essential details such as the schedule. Consider the following four notable ways that you can use event passes to ensure your attendees have the best possible book festival experience.   

Stack of books

1. Make sure your attendees know who, what, when, and where. 

Some book lovers might come to your fair just to browse, while others might show up to see a particular author. Help them find their way by including important details – such as the times and locations of the day’s big book signings and readings – on their event passes. Additionally, if your event has a hashtag, you can add it to passes to help your guests join the conversation on social media and connect with other literature enthusiasts.

2. Give your branding efforts a boost. 

For annual book-centric events, you’ll want to ensure that your event branding approach makes an impression on your guests, leading them to spread the word to other bookworms and sign up again for next year’s fair. A catchy tagline and unique artwork on event badges can supplement your overall branding efforts and make your book festival more memorable.  

3.  Keep track of guests with different levels of access. 

You might give attendees the option to pay for a VIP pass that offers certain perks, such as signed copies of books or “backstage” access to authors. Creating unique event passes for those with special access can help your event staff recognize them easily. Custom badges can also make staff, volunteers and exhibitors stand out, so that attendees know who to ask if they need help. 

In addition, you’ll want to create easily recognizable press badges or access passes to make it easy to spot members of the media, who might also have behind-the-scenes access to authors. At any event, it’s important to be able to spot legitimate press passes, in case anyone (e.g., a determined fan) attempts to sneak into restricted areas by pretending to be a reporter. Luckily, issuing passes with a new design each year and/or including security features such as barcodes and RFID applications can help dissuade would-be counterfeiters.       

4. Create a keepsake. 

Ideally, your book festival will offer guests an exciting experience that they’ll look back on fondly long after it’s over. Custom event passes and lanyards serve as souvenirs and tangible reminders of the fun attendees had at your festival (on top of any books they buy). If your passes feature eye-catching art, people might even want to put them, on display, which will help spread awareness about your book fair and attract even more reading enthusiasts to next year’s event. 

Because of the many benefits they offer, custom badges can help make your book festival or fair a success. If you’d like to order custom event passes, contact us today, and we’ll help you create badges that will make your event memorable.