4 Event Planning Resolutions for 2016

With 2016 underway, you might find yourself considering ways to promote your company and achieve your business goals during the new year. Events are one way to effectively build your brand, find new talent for your team, and attract potential clients.

However, hosting a successful event takes a considerable amount of planning. To orchestrate a memorable and engaging event, it helps to stay on top of trends in the event industry, such as how new technologies are transforming event design. Before you start developing a strategy for your events this year, consider the following four recommendations for successful planning, based on trends identified by industry experts.


Measure ROI

Given all the time, money, and effort that go into planning and hosting an event, it’s important to know if your investment is paying off. One big trend in the event industry going into 2016 is that event marketers recognize how crucial measuring their return on investment is, even if they might not know exactly how to do that, according to Event Farm, an event marketing software provider.

The first step is brainstorming what data you want to collect about the event, Event Farm states. Some information you might want to gather could be how many people attended, what they thought of the event, what kind of experience they had, how many new leads your company got from the event, and the amount of revenue generated. Then you can go about collecting the data using tools such as social media, registration systems, and pre- and post-event surveys, among others. 

Make Your Events Mobile Friendly

The fact that many of us never go anywhere without our smartphones these days has affected numerous industries, including marketing and event planning. As 2016 begins, more and more people have started using mobile apps to enhance events, according to Event MB, an online resource for event professionals.

Event apps can serve a wide range of purposes, from making the check in process easier to providing extra information about different aspects of the event. Making mobile apps part of events has become an important way to make sure guests have a great experience, according to Event Farm.      

Keep Your Guests Safe

It’s more important than ever to ensure you’re providing a safe environment for attendees, particularly if you’re hosting a large event, EventMB states. Make sure your staff members and volunteers have a reliable communication system in place and review any and all security requirements for your geographic region.

Additionally, you can get event passes with security features to keep your guests safe. Badges with barcodes, variable photos, and/or personnel-specific information can help you make sure no uninvited attendees get in. You can also get access passes that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to minimize the risk of unauthorized people sneaking into off-limits areas.     

Create an Engaging Experience

Instead of talking about events, people have begun to refer more often to “experiences,” according to Event Farm. With new technologies and platforms like social media becoming more prominent, event hosts have gained the ability to engage and interact with attendees before they walk in the door and after they leave. Organizing an event now involves crafting an often interactive experience that starts long before guests arrive at the venue and extends long after the end of the night (or morning or afternoon, depending on the type of event and your timing).

Event passes featuring a custom badge design with eye-catching colors, information about the event, and your brand name are a key part of creating an enjoyable experience for your attendees. Custom event passes can serve as a reminder before the event, a way to get to know other guests and network during, and a visually pleasing keepsake afterward.

If you’d like to order custom event passes for an upcoming event, our team at Event Passes can create high-quality passes that will enhance the experience for your attendees. To learn more, contact us today by calling 847-424-1900 or by emailing orders@eventpasses.com