4 Ways Event Passes Can Spice Up Your Company Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again…You know, that time when organizations send out mass emails to all employees with an announcement about the company holiday party. Perhaps yours is the kind of organization that really thrives on team spirit and has a record turnout every year. But if that isn’t the case, how can you entice employees to join in on the festivities and give them something to remember until next year?

More and more organizations are taking their cue from the convention industry. Instead of sending that mass email, they’re presenting their employees with event passes to their annual holiday event. Here are 4 ways you can use event passes to help boost employee loyalty and attendance at your next holiday themed event.

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Break the Ice with Event Passes

Company holiday parties are meant to be fun and offer an opportunity for employees to socialize with each other and maybe even meet a few new faces. Many newer employees often put off the company holiday party because they feel like they don’t know everyone. Event badges that feature guest’s names and departments can help employees break the ice, forge new friendships and add a sense of team spirit.

Give Them Something to Remember

It often seems that the larger your organization, the smaller the turnout for the company party.  Issuing event passes to employees and their guests gives them something tangible that they can take away from the event; a memento. Making your event feel memorable and important can help boost attendance and get employees looking forward to next year.

From Employee to VIP Status

Event passes can help help set the tone for your holiday party by making it feel like a truly special event that isn’t to be missed.  When creating an event pass that really feels like a VIP pass to an exclusive event, less is more. A black and gold VIP pass with your company logo on one side and the venue and guest name on the other is just enough information to make your guest feel like they are attending an exclusive event. With this type of pass, you’ll want to send email/paper invites so your guests have all the details as to where to go and when to be there.

Use Event Passes as a Branding Opportunity

Your employee’s guests also offer an opportunity to be ambassadors of your brand. Show them that your company knows how to have a good time, treats their employees and guests well and give them something to remember you by and they could be your next spokesperson.

This is your opportunity to do something really fun and special with your company logo. Set your logo against a black background to make your company holiday party feel chic and exclusive. Or, cater the design and wording to the event such as the holidays or New Year’s Eve.

With a little creativity, your company party can become the most anticipated event of the year for your organization.